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159 hot rolling section revamping large cooling bed discharge block to ensure product quality


159 hot rolling Department continued to pay close attention to the "four drop and two raise" project. Recently, the unloading block of large cooling bed has been upgraded successfully to ensure the quality of the external surface of the product.


The surface of discharge block of large cooling bed used for a long time will be uneven due to serious wear. In the production process, the surface of the pipe body is scratched by oblique line, which seriously affects the product quality. Previously, 159 hot rolling Department tried to solve the problem of scuffing by reducing the speed of box roller table, repeatedly grinding the unloading block, applying oil and graphite spray to the discharge block. However, problems such as slow production pace, increased labor intensity and no guarantee of safety appeared. At the same time, the field test effect was general, and the improvement of external surface quality was limited.


In practice, 159 hot rolling Department has been exploring, learning and summarizing, and finally found a solution to the problem. Two vertical rollers with a diameter of about 50 mm are added on the discharge block. The vertical roller protrudes from the plane of the discharge block, which transforms the sliding friction between the pipe body and the discharge block into the rolling friction between the pipe body and the vertical roller, which greatly reduces the tube body scratch. The bearing is added in the middle of the vertical roller, and the glycerine pipe is connected to ensure the lubrication, so as to solve the problem that the tube body is abraded and reappeared due to the grinding of the vertical roller.


After more than 20 days of field practice, the upgrading effect of the unloading block is remarkable, and the abrasion of the pipe body is obviously improved, which ensures the product quality. At present, four discharge blocks of large cooling beds have been reconstructed. Subsequently, 159 hot rolling department, together with equipment operation Department, focused on the problem of tube body abrasion, strengthened inspection, and did a good job in the maintenance of reconstructed discharge block to ensure the smooth operation of the site.

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