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159 heat treatment department creates production record of 60mm diameter oil pipe


Recently, 159 heat treatment department successfully produced a large number of 60mm diameter oil pipes, and set a historical record of 632 oil pipes per shift.



Before the market-oriented reform of steel pipe company, 159 heat treatment Department tried to produce a small amount of oil pipes with diameter of 60mm. However, due to the imperfect production process and other reasons, the production has not been high. Under the guidance of market-oriented reform of steel pipe company, 159 heat treatment department constantly breaks through itself, actively adapts to the market, actively optimizes the production process, adopts special water quenching pressure wheel, improves the straightness of small diameter pipe body, further improves the production stability and rolling quality, realizes the mass production of this specification product for the first time, injects vitality into the product diversification, and at the same time provides the steel pipe company with The upgrading of product structure lays a solid 

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